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Vidders are a race of hairless humanoid creatures, characterized by their large ears, blank eyes and grey/brown skin (most examples spotted so far are grey though). Created by Brom, and used mostly on his own quests.

Random data

<Toastline> what do vidders smell like
<Rosque> Though I wouldn't exactly call them not tense o.o
<Brom> Toastline they smell like basil
<Brom> This is now canon
<Toastline> and they taste like beef?
<MiB> ... like... Basil?
<Brom> like basil
<Rosque> :D
<Toastline> :D
<Brom> and sure they taste like beef
<Toastline> I think that was what you said before but you hadn't decided
<Rosque> That is so delicious
<MiB> haha
<Toastline> Yes it is like they were made to be eaten~!
<Rosque> Nom
<MiB> they don't use chocolate syrup... they use steak sauce.
<Toastline> Nomeliad
<Brom> But their skin tastes like dragonfruit
<Brom> so if you lick one
<Brom> it tastes like dragonfruit
<Toastline> :o I don't know what that tastes like
<Rosque> Ooooh
<MiB> oh... oh.. nevermind then...
<Rosque> Dragon fruit is pretty good
<Brom> Their ejaculate is carbonated and tastes of caramel
<Toastline> ahahaha
<Brom> Their sweat? Chocolate
<MiB> ...
<Brom> tears? mint.
<MiB> this is getting a little weird...
<Toastline> This is getting a little awesome
<Brom> It started pretty weird
<Brom> and I don't leave things half done
<Rosque> So it ejaculates caramel soda?
<Rosque> It's like a pinata
<Brom> their urine is mauve and tastes like cardboard
<Toastline> ...what
<Toastline> what kind of pinata...
<Brom> their solid waste is confetti
<Toastline> Maybe I'm better off not knowing
<Brom> they poo confetti
<Brom> Original race
<Brom> do not steal
<Toastline> so uhhh
<Toastline> how much of that is canon XP
<Brom> Not all of it
<NurkingLewbie> How does anyone know what they taste like when no one in the world has a mouth?
<Ed_Pastry> The Icon update
<vytalibus> Taste does not have to be connected to mouths.
<vytalibus> You can call that a "taste".
<Toastline> indeed
<vytalibus> Someone else can say it isn't.
<Toastline> Also they do have mouths!
<NurkingLewbie> And the bacon-eating?
<Toastline> Don't you read ITQ
<Farmer> They dont eat.
<Farmer> They teleport the food to their stomachs trough magic.
<Farmer> Thats why they even have mages. They harness the power they use everday to eat to do other things, like fireballs.
<Brom> did i hear canon
<Brom> i think i hear canon

(None of the above has been yet confirmed true)

Actual Facts

Morphologically speaking, vidders aren't much different from the average humanoid, except for skin coloration and head / facial features.

Their eyes are a blank white, sometimes with darker coloration on the lower eyelids. They have no apparent nose, and a mouth small enough to not be promptly noticeable at a glance. Night vision and hearing are above average compared to humans, but their sense of smell isn't worth much.

Other body features are the fact they're completely hairless, and hands with three pointed fingers and a thumb.

The vidders are divided in two ethnic groups, the Eldefolk and the Furlesians. The easiest way to tell each apart is the color of their skins, which is respectively grey or brown. Interbreeding is possible, and results in individuals that are either grey with brown marks or vice versa, depending of how much 'pure' is the individual's family tree. 'Nessie' Squires is a typical mixed blood.


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