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A race exclusive to Caelum. They were created by Ed Pastry for The End.

Appearance and Racial Features


Cobble society is centered on businesses and corporations. The United Trade Bloc is the closest thing the Cobble has to a Federal government, protecting the rights of citizens and corporations by defining laws, but even then it could be considered as another corporation itself. The UTB has numerous secret police forces under its control, but won’t hesitate to resort to hiring out other races to do their dirty work. The Cobble are cautious nearly to the point of paranoia when they believe they are threatened, which means they will quickly move to eliminate any perceived threat as swiftly as possible.

Despite measures taken by the UTB and many other of the morally upright corporations, crime remains a serious problem. Unscrupulous businesses use underhanded tactics to increase their profit margins, and crime syndicates tarnish Cobble society with strings of theft, violence and manipulation.

The Cobble themselves are generally reserved in temperance and straightforward in conversation. Written language is especially important in their society, where every printed word is considered to have the power to change the world around it. Physiologically, the Cobble are very tough-skinned yet rather inflexible. Their bodies appear to be made of unbending segments of stone, their hair is like needles of volcanic glass and their innards feel like wet and slightly elastic rock.

Notable Examples

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